Thursday, October 29, 2009

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate has to be one of the best things in the world. In my opinion, nothing tastes better on a cold night than a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate - the richer, the better.

I used to use the packaged hot chocolate mixes, but with this recipe, who needs them? This recipe makes an individual serving of hot chocolate in just two minutes that tastes far richer and creamier than anything that has ever come out of a package. And the best can use whatever kind of milk you want - soy, skim, whatever!

First, heat one cup of milk in the microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes. I recommend heating it in a microwave-safe glass measuring cup (easier to measure and pour).

While that's heating up, measure 2 tablespoons each of sugar and cocoa powder. Any type of cocoa powder will do, but my favorite is Ghirardelli's Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa. It adds that extra kick of sweetness that makes chocolate so wonderful.

Stir the sugar and cocoa powder together until mixed, and then slowly add the hot milk (stirring as you go).

Finally, add a teaspoon of vanilla and stir.

Note - if you don't like your hot chocolate as rich as I do, you can always use less cocoa and sugar - just make sure that you use equal amounts of both.

Hot Chocolate

1 cup milk
2 T. cocoa powder
2 T. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

Heat 1 cup milk in microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes. In mug, mix together cocoa powder and sugar. Add hot milk; stir. Add vanilla; stir.

Nutritional facts (using soy milk and Ghirardelli sweet cocoa powder): Cal. 221, Fat 4g, Sat. Fat 1 g., Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Carbohydrates 37g, Fiber 1g, Sugars 34g, Protein 7g, Vit. A 10%, Vit. C 0%, Calcium 30%, Iron 7%


  1. Yeah your first post!! Yummy looking hot chocolate, I will have to try this!

  2. I recently discovered Ibarra Mexican Hot chocolate. It's a crystalized chocolate with cinnamon and Cacao nibs. Delicious and can be used with soy milk. I use whole milk however..


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