Sunday, January 31, 2010

tasty kitchen

I've stumbled across a wonderful website.  You may have heard of it - Tasty Kitchen.  It's an offshoot of the Pioneer Woman blog site (which is also wonderful...but that's for another time).

The Tasty Kitchen website is basically a collection of recipes from people like you and me - these are recipes that have been tried, tested, and loved by cooks.  Often times, the recipes are posted by food bloggers, like myself, so they will have links to very entertaining blog posts.  And just about every recipe on there makes me hungry.

My favorite feature of the Tasty Kitchen site is the recipe box function.  All of the recipes I've uploaded appear in My Recipe Box.  See?


But there's also a community section of My Recipe Box - if I see a recipe I like on the website, I can save it there.  And I've saved quite a few in the two weeks since I discovered this beauty.  Here's some of the contents of my Tasty Kitchen Recipe Box (click on each for the link to the recipe):
Chicken & Dumplings

Restaurant-Style Salsa

Deliciously Dandy Ding Dongs

This week, my recipe posts will be inspired by recipes from Tasty Kitchen.  On the agenda - Asian pasta salad, scallops and pasta, and Italian meatball soup.  As always, I'll make modifications to fit my diet, and I'll showcase my own photos.  But until then...check out Tasty Kitchen!

Oh yeah...add me as a friend while you are there.  That would be lovely. :-)

Now I want to know from you - is there a cooking website you swear by?


  1. Setting up a Tasty Kitchen account is on my to-do list for the afternoon! {And I will add you as a friend:) }

  2. We have your Chicken Fried Chicken listed in our February Menu Planner to be prepared this Thursday! In the details on my blog widget I posted the link to your recipe on Tasty Kitchen for all my friends & Followers to link into! Can't wait to try it!

    ~South Shore Chick


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