Friday, June 4, 2010

the best winery in napa valley

It is time that I took a moment to share with you one of my favorite places in northern California.  Even I...a country girl...can appreciate this place.  I love it so much that I have to take just about everyone who visits me (including my sister and her boyfriend on their recent visit).

It's the one...the only...the V. Sattui Winery.

V-what?  Yep, I know that's what you are asking.  Don't let your inability to pronounce the name scare you away.  This place is probably the most fantastic place in Napa Valley, and I'm here to be your virtual tour guide.

I've shared with you before that my husband and I aren't really winos (although we are thinking of converting).  We love Napa Valley, though.  It's easy to spend a day out there, admiring the architecture of the wineries, sampling the food (and wine!), and enjoying the drive.

Our favorite wineries are in St. Helena, a small town within the valley.  I've already shared with you about our trip to the castle winery, Castello di Amorosa, also owned by the Sattui family.  That winery is in my top 3 favorites...but it will never beat V. Sattui.

When you first step out of your car at V. Sattui, you are greeted by absolutely beautiful grounds.  Flowers and grape vines everywhere...luscious grass...beautiful architecture.

Walking in the front door, you will first lay eyes on this beautiful sight...

Cheese!  Lots of beautiful and exotic cheeses!

And not only do you get to look at those cheeses, you get to sample them too.  And get to sample bread.  Oh, and dips.  And I shouldn't forget to mention the chocolates.

But, oh, the cheeses.  I love them.

When we last visited, we became intrigued by this particular cheese.

My husband didn't talk me out of buying that one. :-)  It tasted great!

But, I shouldn't get carried away with the cheese.  There's so much more!

Like, what would cheese be without salami?

And all of these options to eat with it?

Oh, and we can't forget dessert.  V. Sattui sure didn't.

I highly recommend this one...

And I've always been intrigued with this particular dessert.  I've never tried it (the cheesecake always won out), but someday I just might have to.

Can you see why V. Sattui is the best picnic winery in Napa?  We love to go out there and buy a fresh baguette, some cheese, some wine, and some dessert and just eat our little hearts out.

Just like these people...

...and these people.  (I don't know them, but they appear to be having a great time.)

If you can tear yourself away from all of the food options, you might make it to the wine room.

Like everything else about V. Sattui, this room is more than wine.  It's got amazing glassware...

These are the glasses we used for our wedding toast.  I've never seen them anywhere else.

And then there's just about the cutest dishes I've ever seen.

And don't forget the soap - it smells amazing!

And, if you can pull yourself away from the tables and tables of things you'll want to buy, you might just actually try some wine.

And let me tell's worth it.  The wine at V. Sattui is excellent, and it's still only $5 to taste 5 different varieties (or more, if you get a congenial salesperson).  Most Napa wineries now cost much more than that.

We tasted our favorite wines for the umpteenth time, and finally settled on the port.  It's not the most inexpensive wine, but it was incredible!  It's so rich, creamy, and smooth, just about one sip is all you need.

Thanks for joining me today on this virtual tour of my favorite winery of all time.  I hope that someday, you'll get to visit in person.  Until then...cheers!


  1. How fun! I still haven't been wine tasting yet. I also haven't developed a taste for the stuff, so I guess it isn't all bad. Your pictures are lovely and it looks likea great picnic spot!

  2. I use to live in San Francisco area and I miss the trips to the wine areas. I loved your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just love tagging along through your pics to the winery! It looks like a wonderful way to spend a day!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, I'll be visiting yours often! :)

  4. What beautiful pictures!!!! I have visited several winerys in Napa and V. Sattui is my favorite. Great place for a picnic. Plus, they have all the fixins. Can't wait to go back and try their port wine you recommend.

  5. Oh my what a glorious place. Your photos are wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  6. V Sattui is one of our favorite wineries. My husband is crazy for their madeira.

  7. Great photos! I don't like wine but that all looked good even to me! :-)


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