Wednesday, July 28, 2010

purple thumbs

I have a purple thumb.  No, pink.  Yellow.  Orange.


Well, whatever it is, it's not green.

My mother can grow anything.  She's always had a garden of sorts, lush with squash, herbs, potatoes, and even loofah sponges.  I, on the other hand, have managed to kill everything I've ever grown...even a cactus.

This year, though, I am determined to be a gardener!  We moved into an apartment with a patio deck, so I've got the space for a few containers.  I bought a book at Lowe's called 3 Step Vegetable Gardening to give me some basic instruction.  I bought the containers...I bought the plants...I'm doing this.

The good news is that I haven't killed anything yet.  The bad news is that not much else has happened either.

My strawberry plant looks a little sad.  I have yet to see any strawberries.

My pepper plant just exists.

It hasn't grown me any peppers yet, but it has grown mushrooms.  Weird.

I'm not discouraged, though.  I still have one more plant - a pumpkin plant.  It's pretty unorthodox to grow pumpkins in a container, so I just planted one seed.  And look what I found last week...

It's so beautiful!  And it keeps growing every day. 

I doubt that I'll turn into a master gardener overnight.  And, I doubt that I'll see any peppers or strawberries out of this year's "crop".  But, I did get a seed to sprout...and that's something.  Right?


  1. Try putting some mulch on top of the dirt to hold in the moisture.

    And water with miracle grow. You should see a big difference when you start doing that.

  2. try planting a second pumpkin, you will increase your chances of pollination (the pollen needs to move from the male to female parts of the plant but I believe pumpkins only have one not both.) As soon as the flowers appear (they don't have to be open) gently swab them with a cotton swab and then rub the other flowers with the same q tip. Many fruit and veggie plants are not self pollinating so you've got to do the work of the bees. Good luck!!

  3. Excellent idea! The minute I read your comment, Jenn, I went and planted a few more seeds.

  4. I wish you all the best. Container gardening is smart, especially if you d on't have a lot of space. A few of my friends do that. I haven't tried it yet...but mainly I can't afford to. Although I'd love to try planting zucchini. I LOVe zucchini. Keep us updated.

    That lonely little pumpkin sprout is so cute!!! I hope you get a nice pumpkin out of that!!!

    Have a great week. love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Have you tried singing to your plants? Some people swear by it!
    YOu have so many other talents, let others grow veggies! I just saw your last post, YUMMY! Now that's talent!

  6. That's so funny about the mushroom! That's quite an accomplishment that you got things to sprout. That's way better than me!


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