Monday, September 27, 2010


Hopefully you have seen my entry for round 2 of Project Food Blog - Moroccan BastillaTo check out all the entries and vote, click the Project Food Blog icon on the right side of the screen.  There's some great recipes showcased there!

Since my official entry could only be 1,000 words long...and since it took about 1,000 words to lead you through the recipe itself...I had to leave off the best parts of my adventure.  These moments were too good not to share.

During my Moroccan adventure, I

  • smelled smoke coming from my blender on more than one occasion (did I mention that I could use a food processor?)
  • screamed out loud (really loud) while removing the skin from the chicken...I hate touching raw poultry, especially when it is still in the shape of a bird.  ick!
  • discovered that saffron is over $200 an ounce.  That's right...$200 an ounce.  That would be like $3200 a pound (I's been a while since I've done any math).  I still can't believe that my local Wal-Mart carried it and that I actually paid over $15 for 0.06 ounces.  I feel like I've been taken.
  • found out that my local Wal-Mart did not carry Phyllo dough...hence my adventure into making pastry.
  • spilled raw chicken juice, warqa batter, raw egg, and so many other things on myself throughout the cooking process that I had to change clothes 4 times.  At one point, I stood in the kitchen with nothing on but the bare essentials and an apron...I was determined not to do any more laundry!  Now that I think about it, you probably didn't need to know that last bit of information.
  • realized that I had forgotten to buy turmeric so I used ground mustard instead.  I imagine that it probably made a difference.
  • realized that I had also forgotten to buy almonds and sent Mr. Blue Eyes running to the store.  He's awesome like that.
  • spent so much time cooking that I didn't even get a shower until 2pm that afternoon.  
  • decided that I'm glad I'm not Moroccan, even if the food is good.

On the other hand, I also learned that there is a way to make homemade Phyllo dough, and I'm absolutely thrilled. Although it was time consuming, it was relatively easy and kind of fun. I'll probably end up doing it again sometime...maybe when I make apple turnovers

or another roasted vegetable tart.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed reading about the Great Bastilla Adventure of 2010.  Was it worth it?  I hope so!


  1. Cooking can be such an adventure. We should cook together sometime. :)

  2. Yum that looks so good, especially the apple turnovers.

  3. Wow...impressive! Your bastilla looks awesome! Let me know the next time you need saffron...Trader Joe's sells a small .020 jar of it for abut $5. It's about a heaping tablespoon of saffron (usually enough for several dishes).

  4. Great job. Everything looks delicious. Never fails that once I'm set on a cooking something special, I'm missing an important ingredient.

    Plan B

  5. Wow! Yum Moroccan Food... Happy Mid-week!

  6. So funny! Love the background story!


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