Tuesday, October 5, 2010

25 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes


Interrupting our usual broadcast to bring you...

25 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes!!!

These recipes are courtesy of Gooseberry Patch as a way to celebrate their reaching 40,000 facebook fans.  They'll hit 50,000 fans soon (maybe with your help!).  Once they do, they are going to celebrate by giving us 25 free meatloaf recipes.

I can't wait.  I love meatloaf almost as much as I do chocolate chip cookies.  Maybe more.

It's debatable.

But for now, let's eat dessert first!  Click below to download your 25 chocolate chip cookie recipes today!

25 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes by Gooseberry Patch


  1. I love Gooseberry Patch!

    There are a couple of things I miss since going gluten free 3 years ago.
    One is Toll house chocolate chip cookies and the other is Maple bars~ Oh how I miss them!

    Have a great week!


  2. That's a lot of chocolate chip cookies!!! I love those too, as long as they have lots of walnuts in them. :-) And I'm glad you like cheesecake as much as I do. The pumpkin cheesecake recipe on my blog will not disappoint! Oh. And I did finish off that last piece. It was a choice between a little more meatloaf or the small (IT WAS SMALL, OKAY??!) piece of cheesecake. What can I say. the cheesecake won, even though I knew better! Sigh.

  3. Your cookies lookies look delish!

  4. I have already downloaded it.....and the mac and cheese recipes (even though I won't eat the stuff) :)


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