Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Have I ever told you that my husband can draw?  Well, he can.  And he's amazing at it.  His first "love note" to me consisted of a car drawn on a napkin...he was 16.  :-)

Since we've been married, he has drawn all of our pumpkin designs.  It all started with a mouse...

Then, things got a little beastly...

Amazing, right?  No stencil or anything!

So this week, while I was in the kitchen cooking pumpkin, he was sitting at the table designing his latest masterpiece...Wile E. Coyote!

Step 1: Clean out pumpkin guts (ew!).

Step 2: Tape drawing to pumpkin.

Step 3: Use a thumbtack to poke holes.

Step 4: Carve the pumpkin, connect-the-dot style.

Step 5: Marvel at handiwork.

Step 6: Put a candle in it and ooooh and aaaaah.

"Ooooooh!  Aaaaaaaah!"

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Linked up with Gold Star Wednesday!

PS - My friends and I are starting something new!!! Every Monday, we'll be hosting a blog party called THIS WEEK'S CRAVINGS, each week devoted to a different theme. This week's theme...pumpkins! If you have a food blog, link up your favorite pumpkin posts and then come back to see what others have to offer.


  1. Wow! Amazing! Such hidden talent! (Well to me.) Tell Nathan I'm impressed!

  2. Great looking pumpkins! I feel imspired to carve one of my own next year. :)

  3. Love it! Amazing job as usual!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pumpkin!!!! I see you got the "linky" to work! PERFECT!!! I am so excited about seeing all the pumpkin things!

  5. You husband has a talent, for sure! I just love those pumpkins :)

  6. Fun party Kristin...thanks for the invite! Your Wile E. pumpkin is terrific :)


  7. Thanks for linking to Gold Star Wednesday!

  8. Very impressive artwork! I'd love for you to add this to my Sweets This Week link party. Have a great Friday :)



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