Thursday, April 7, 2011

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How to Clean out Your Pantry

Step 1: Find the eight squares of chocolate almond bark that have been pushed to the back of your pantry now that Christmas baking is over.  Place them in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on defrost for 30 seconds at a time (stirring between each) until melted.

Step 2: Dig around in your baking box for the bag of marshmallows that you forgot about.  Pull out a cup of them.  Remember those three graham crackers that are still sitting all alone in the box?  Break them into pieces.

Step 3: Place the graham crackers and marshmallows in the bowl with the chocolate.  Dump in 1 1/2 cups of rice's about time that stuff got eaten.

Step 4: Stir really, really well and then drop into heaps onto parchment paper to let set.

Step 5: Pack the candy into a canister and send with your husband to work...after all, you are on a diet. :-)

Hope you enjoy these!  They are absolutely addicting...


  1. hahaha!!! Sounds like what I do when I re-organize my cabinets! Sounds yummy...but you're right, I'm on a (eating healthier) diet! :-)

  2. So delicious - I bet they are addicting!

  3. This is SO the story of my pantry! And they look better than the traditional 'smores! :-) I think that bag of hard marshmallows is right next to the 1/3 c. of wild rice...

  4. Too funny! Sounds like a lot of my recipes! These look great, I'll have to dig in the cupboard, thanks!

  5. Erik had a craving for sweet this week so he made chocolate chip cookies. But he did not follow the recipe which says bake for 10 mins. Instead, he did 20 mins...
    The cookies is like brick now.I am using a beer bottle to smash on them, did not work at all...They are so hard!! Now I know why people say cookie is delicate...
    Do you have any way to do with them??


  6. BTW, there are a lot of grammar mistakes in my comments, please ignore them, sorry...


  7. We needed an excuse to clean out the kitchen pantry. This looks so easy that even I could make this.


  8. Looks delicious! I"m going to have to make these soon! Then i'll blog about it in my blog.


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