Thursday, May 26, 2011

my online "cookbook"

I recently discovered (thanks to my awesome mother-in-law) the coolest thing in the world....livebinders!  What is a livebinder, you ask?  Well, it's literally an online binder.

If you are like me, you have a binder somewhere filled with recipes that you've saved.  When it comes to online recipes, many of you probably print them.  I, for one, have always just bookmarked them.  Either way, it is such a hassle!  I hate looking through my physical binder because it's so unorganized.  I hate sifting through my bookmarked recipes because they are so unorganized.  See my dilemma?

Livebinders have essentially solved all of my problems.  Here's how it works...

Go to and set up a free account.  Yes, it's free!  And, by the way, this works for more than just recipes.  My mother-in-law found out about the website at a teacher's conference.

When you create an account, you can create your own "shelf" full of binders.  Right now, my shelf has three binders - one for this blog, one of recipes that I want to try from other blogs, and one of miscellaneous craft projects that I just think are cool.  I chose to make my binders "public" so that you can see them, but you also have the option of making your binders "private."

(PS - sorry that these pics are so small!  You just need to go and see for yourself!)

This is my "shelf".  As you can see, I've got three binders - two under the category of "food and recipes" and one under "crafts and hobbies."  As a viewer, you have the option of rating my binders, commenting on my binders, and even copying them!  It's pretty cool.

If we click on the binder for Delightful Country Cookin', you'll essentially find an online cookbook or recipe box.  I've organized all of my recipes under different tabs (main dishes, sides, etc.).  Under each tab, you'll see a link for every recipe in that tab. 

Here, I'm showing you my "desserts" tab.  That picture is making me hungry.

Click on one of the recipes, and guess what comes up...the blog post!  You can see the post through the binder or click a button to go to the actual blog site.

I've played around with livebinders for a few days now, and here's why I love them:
  • They allow me to see just about all of my recipes at once, allowing me to click back and forth between them to compare and make decisions about what I want to make that evening.  No more wasting time clicking over to the recipe stash and trying to scroll through everything.  With livebinders, I've got it all at my fingertips.
  • I can sort all of my online finds in a much more organized way than I used to.  I can establish multiple binders, each with its own tabs.  I love that!  It actually feels like a real binder.
  • I can share my finds with friends, family, and you!
I'm embedding the Delightful Country Cookin' binder on this site, or you can just follow this link.  Either way, be sure to check it out and hopefully make your own.  If you make one for your recipe finds, share it!  I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. Totally Cool!! I will be checking this out!

  2. This does sound interesting, thanks for the tip!


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