Friday, June 3, 2011

gardeners, please diagnose

I planted a small garden this year.  It's only my second one, and it has seemed to be a success so far.

In this big tub, I planted carrots and beets.

And then, I also had two smaller pots with salad greens.

They grew nicely, don't you think?

 At one point, my salad greens began hosting a colony of aphids, so I attacked them by dumping 1500 (yes, 1500) ladybugs on top.  It was overkill, but it definitely worked!

And so now, I'm ready to begin harvesting my garden.  I was so excited about the carrots - nice round tops were peaking up out of the soil.  They looked so perfect!  And then, I pulled a few...

What happened???  Those of you who garden, why are my carrots so short and stubby?

Alas...I guess the purple thumb strikes again.


  1. Is your container deep enough? I've heard of people planting carrots and potatoes in garbage cans, which (based on what I can see in your pic) seem to be deeper than your container?

  2. I wish I could tell you...I'd like to know too. Do you think it's because the tub may not have been deep enough?

  3. Get a deeper tub or just put them in the ground. 16" minimum.

  4. Carrots need loose soil. You may need to add some sand to your soil and get a deeper container.

  5. Thanks ladies! I think my soil is plenty loose, but perhaps my container may need to be a bit deeper. It's over a foot deep (and the carrots only ended up being 1-2 inches), so I wouldn't have guessed that that would be an issue.

  6. Some carrots are smaller, not long like carrots you get at the grocery. Maybe it was the type of carrot? My mom was telling me she heard on a gardening show that you should leave them until after the first frost for them to be sweeter. On that note, did you maybe pull them up too early? I have never planted carrots myself, just a few ideas to kick around in your bucket. :o)


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