Thursday, August 11, 2011


A few weeks ago, I planted some pumpkin seeds in three containers on my patio.  I watered them faithfully and every day looked at my little pots of dirt hoping to see signs of life.  Finally, little green buds sprouted up in two of the pots.  I love these small green leaves.  There's something so exciting about caring for a tiny leaf, knowing that soon it will be a vine large enough to overtake your patio area. :)

Every day I checked on my pots and watered them.  I watched the plants in the two pots grow healthier every day.  Meanwhile, I watered my pot of dirt, still hopeful.

I've been watering that pot of dirt for over 3 weeks now.

Today, when I walked outside, I was delighted to see the progress of my pumpkins...

...but I was even more excited to see this!


  1. Oh, I LOVE growing pumpkins -- looking forward to seeing your end results ;)


  2. How fun! I feel the same way about my sunflowers that I'm growing. They're doing so well that I'm thinking about some squash. I wish you luck!

  3. My pumpkins and squash were doing great and had huge flowers, then we got a hot spell, a week of 90s temps, and they dropped their flowers and no fruit has appeared. Wah!!! I hope yours flourish!


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