Wednesday, September 7, 2011

after-school snacks (and BIG news!!!)

I'm a little late posting This Week's Cravings, but better late than never, right?  The theme this week is after-school snacks!

I thought and thought about what to post, but in the end I came up short.  My idea of a snack is a banana with peanut don't really need a recipe for that.  Perhaps our problem is that we don't have any kids, eliminating the need for after-school snacks?

Well, folks, all that's going to change.  Why?  Cause we're having a...

Yes, it's true!  We're having a baby!  So, if you've been wondering "where is she?" or "why hasn't she posted very many new recipes?", here's your answer!  I've been avoiding the kitchen like the plague - we have a love-hate relationship right now (yay morning sickness!) - and I've been a little distracted with all of the awesomeness that comes with preparing for a baby.

This big news means that someday I'll be making after-school snacks like they're going out of style!  I can't wait! In the meantime, here are the closest things that I can think of that meet the "after-school snack" criteria...


I look forward to seeing what everyone else links up...I'm going to need inspiration!

After-School Snacks!


  1. Congratulations! I totally understand what you mean about a love/hate relationship with your kitchen. Throughout my entire first pregnancy, I couldn't deal with chicken. If I even saw a KFC commercial, I'd be running for the bathroom. Seriously! Thankfully it all went away when the baby was born.

  2. Oh, how wonderful! The "upset tummy" goes away after awhile! Mine disappeared right at the very start of my 4th month - the first 3 months are the "nasty" ones! :-) You never believe in "cravings" until you are really pregnant - I had an intense need for raw crunchy carrots and white frosted long-john pastries! It will be fun to follow your journey! Best of everything to your family! Karenc

  3. Wahoo!! Congratulations!! I am 20 weeks and feeling better. I have even cooked some lately!!

  4. COngrats!!
    what a great way to make the annoucnement

  5. Congratulations!!!! Blessings to you and your family :)

  6. CONGRATS!! So happy for you!!! Praying all will go well & you will be feeling better soon. :-)


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