Thursday, September 29, 2011

taking a break

Hey folks!

As you may have noticed, my posts have become fewer and fewer recently.  There are some good reasons for that.  Pregnancy has completely sapped my desire to step into the kitchen! :)  Ha!  I don't think I was prepared for the food aversions, gagging, and everything else that comes with growing a beautiful new little life.  Fortunately the morning sickness is gone, but I still have trouble cooking.

The other BIG news is that a few days ago, we found out that we're moving to less than 3 weeks!  Ack!  That's three weeks to pack up my entire home, including our kitchen.  We're trying to eat up what's in the freezer and pantry (definitely not blog worthy), and our days and nights are filled with packing boxes and saying our goodbyes. 

I'm thrilled about my baby and so excited to be moving back to Texas (yay BBQ!), but in order to make it all happen, I've got to take a break from Delightful Country Cookin'.  I plan on diving back into blogging as soon as we get things settled in Texas, and I look forward to giving you updates on the baby, the move, and my joyous reunion with barbecue. :)

See you soon!


  1. Will miss you -- gentle care :)


  2. So excited you are moving closer to Oklahoma!!

  3. What I am going to cook without your blog??
    I am kidding:-) I will miss you from California... Make sure you come back to your blog and update with me!
    Have a safe trip!


  4. So excited you are moving closer to Oklahoma! How FUN! Make sure you come back to your blog and update with me!


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